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Cash For Cupid Fund Drive

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Will you be our Valentine?

During the month of February, show your love by joining our Cash for Cupid fund drive to
benefit Lovebugs Rescue.


To join, simply drop in a dollar (or more) in an envelope, or, write a check, and mail to:
Lovebugs Rescue
PO Box 953, 
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625

No Stamps?
You can also go online and donate at


Each dollar received goes towards:

HeartBulletPoint  Spay/Neuter HeartBulletPoint  Dog Food
HeartBulletPoint  Microchips HeartBulletPoint  Shelter Pull Fees
HeartBulletPoint  Vaccines HeartBulletPoint  Major Medical


Tis' the Season for Giving

We can't do the work that we do without the generosity of our supporters. Together, we can make a difference. 

Holiday Travel Tips


The holidays are one of the peak seasons for travel, and with a little planning; it can be the perfect time to take your furry family member with you. Whether you are off on a ski vacation, visiting family or perhaps enjoying a coastal road trip during the holidays, having your best friend along can make the trip more fun and enjoyable.

Here are some holiday travel tips for you and your pooch -


Photo Fund Raising and Adoption Event

Say Cheese!!! Pet Photo Shoot to Benefit Lovebugs Rescue.

Join us on January 25, 2014 for a fun filled pet photo shoot with Paw Print Foto! Please call Mayra with Pooch Sitter at 714-310-2050 or email  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.  for a reservation.
We will also have Lovebugs available for adoption.
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Over $18,000 Raised For Lovebugs At The Race For The Rescues OC!

Team Lovebugs Rescue raised $18,161 and reached 73% of their goal of $25,000 for the OC Race for the Rescues. We were the NUMBER ONE team in the Orange County race! We are so appreciative of all our hard working volunteers who participated in this event and raised money for our cause. Thank you!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

at The Great Park - 7 am - 12 pm

GO Team Lovebugs Rescue!

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Lovebugs On Good Day LA

Halloween Hopefuls All Dressed Up & Ready For New Homes

Lovebugs on Good Day LA

See Lovebugs On K-9 Corner All Month!

Featuring Our July Lovebug Rescues

A huge thank you to Megan Medick with K-9 Corner for having us as their featured July rescue group! We had so much fun sharing our loveable Lovebugs on camera, and we even got a few of our foster mom's to go on camera!

Watch Our Clip Above NOW To Help Us Find Homes For These Featured Pets.

This clip has been played throughout the month of July 2013 twice a day 12pm or 8pm. In the South Bay area of LA.... on Time Warner Cable channel 3. or Verizon FiOS channel 31. Time Warner Cable Screen Name: CitiCABLE

Join Lovebugs In The Race For The Rescues OC!

2013RaceLovebugsBannerSunday, November 10, 2013

at The Great Park - 7 am - 12 pm

Join Team Lovebugs Rescue!

Register for the 1K Dog Walk, 1K Kids Run, 5K, 10K or Couch Potato Race, select Lovebugs Rescue as your team & then create your very own personal fundraising page to help us meet our goal of $25,000.

To sign up to run one of the races and create your own fundraising page visit our Race for the Rescues Lovebugs Team Page
To donate to support one of our rescue's participants at this event
1. Visit Our Race for the Rescues Team Page.
2. Scroll To The Bottom.
3. Click on A Team Member's Name
4. Click Their "Support Me!" Button located the bottom of their page.
5. Donate!

Happy Tail: Luna - Lovebugs Largest Rescue To Date

CocoHTOur not so little Lovebug Luna found herself discarded at a high kill shelter by her former owners when they decided to move but not take the "house" with them. Weighing in at 140 lbs, Luna is our biggest lovebug yet! Luna is an Old English Sheepdog and had been terribly neglected by her former family. We gave Luna a much needed grooming, began treatment on both eye and ear infections, and started her on a healthy diet along with some small walks to start shedding the extra 40 lbs of weight she has been carrying around. It wasn't long before Luna's family to be saw her on our facebook page and fell head over heels. Luna's family had recently lost their beloved New Foundland and was ready to open their hearts and home to another furry giant. We couldn't have asked for a better match for Luna. Her family reports that she has melted their hearts!

Donate To Spring Us Towards Our Goal Of Saving 200 Dogs This Year!

We Can't Do It Alone... We Need Your Help!

Annual-needAverage routine medical costs for 200 dogs in 1 year:

• Microchips: $1,300
• Grooming: $1,500
• Vaccine/Deworming Litters: $2,100
• Board & Training: $2,600
• Shelter Pull Fees: $3,200
• Spay/Neuter: $11,000


In 2012, Lovebugs Rescue put $46,000 towards our rescues major medical surgeries, treatments, & care.  This does not include routine medical, care, microchips, worming, vaccines, grooming, etc.  We are 100% volunteer based Non-Profit 501c3 Rescue.  We need your support to be able to continue on our mission.

Happy Tail: Max & Doug

We couldn’t have asked for a better person to adopt Max other than his new owner Doug!

 We received a call from a family who desperately needed to surrender their Maxht3Aussie/Boarder Collie mix. We did the typical run down of asking for some basic information and photos of the dog.  One look at his mugshot and we said "yes, we will take him in!" About a week after taking Max into our rescue, we realized good looks and good manners did not go hand in hand. While Max was responsive to basic obedience commands and proved to be smarter than the average dog, Max began to show signs of being “off”. Max began to lunge at people and other dogs for no known reason. His behavior was so unpredictable, that we were not sure what his trigger points were. We quickly enrolled Max into a board and train program experienced with Aussies where they confirmed this behavior.

CAUTION: Poisonous For Your Pup!

If you have ever wondered what the number one cause of poisoning in dogs is, wonder no more.

pet-medicationMotrin, Advil and other human medications account for the vast majority of companion animal poisoning cases each year.  Other substances that are poisonous to dogs are obvious things most people have heard of like antifreeze and chocolate but there are many things that can make your dog sick that just might surprise you. Remember a dog is very much like a toddler and is quite likely to put anything that looks appealing or appetizing into their mouth.  Below is a list of items potentially dangerous to the health of your Lovebug that you may not be aware of.

Our Wishes For The New Year...

Funding For Our Medical Needs Rescues, Loving Homes For Our Rehabilitated Rescues & Awareness In Our Community Of The Imminent Need!

 Calendar2013Coverlovebugsheaderheart Last Chance To Buy Our Lovebugs 2013 Calendar

For just $1/month and get one for yourself and everyone you love... it will be a great stocking stuffer or small gift to give during the holidays.  This sweet mini calendar is 5.5" X 8.5" and features a few of our over 400 rescues thus far.

> Click to get more details and/or buy caledars!


sheltertake lovebugsheaderheart CONSIDER LOVEBUGS FOR YOUR YEAREND GIVING!

Every cent you donate goes directly to our rescue efforts.  Help us rescue & find homes for dogs that will be put to sleep due to overcrowding at our local shelters! WE NEED YOUR HELP! 



 Xmaspup1lovebugsheaderheart GIFTING PETS: DO'S & DON'TS!

There are things you should consider before you gift a pet during the holidays.

> Read Our Blog: Think Before You Give That Gift


Max formerly Monty3lovebugsheaderheart Monte Becomes A Certified Therapy Dog.

From OC to Nevada, Monte Gives Back!

When we met Monte at the Orange County shelter, we knew this adorable boy was special but we had no idea just how special he was.

> Click to read Monte's Entire Story.

Happy Tail! Monte Becomes A Certified Therapy Dog.

From OC to Nevada, Monte Gives Back!

Max formerly Monty3When we met Monte at the Orange County shelter, we knew this adorable boy was special but we had no idea just how special he was.  Monte had been turned into the shelter and adopted only to be returned two weeks later by a family that was not willing to make the lifelong commitment that every dog needs.  Lovebugs Rescue was ready to step up and make the commitment so that Monte would never have to worry about being homeless again.
Monte easily settled into the new routine in his foster home and flourished under the care of his loving foster parents.  It was quickly clear to everyone Monte met, that he was a smart and wonderful dog who was going to be a great companion to someone very special.  Little did we know that Monte was soon to embark on an amazing journey.

One day we got an application from Dr. Nancy McNaul who was interested in adopting Monte.  Dr. McNaul happened to be a therapist who helped patients working to overcome many different types of traumatic experiences and she was looking for a very special dog to help her in this important endeavor.  Of course it was impossible to tell for sure but Monte’s foster parents had a feeling that with some specialized training, he just might be a good fit.  Dr. McNaul must have had a good feeling as well and she quickly made plans to drive all the way from Reno, Nevada to Orange County to meet our man Monte.

When the day finally came for Monte and his potential new parent to meet, it was love at first sight!  Dr. McNaul was sure that Monte was the perfect candidate for the training it would take to do such important work and Monty and his new mommy happily drove off to begin their new lives together.

Fast forward several months and Monte, now named Max has completed his training and is now an official Therapy Dog!  Max goes to work with his mommy everyday and seems to know exactly what each patient needs from him and gladly obliges.  We have also learned that Max has unbelievable empathy with distressed children and is a wonderful help to them.

We are so happy to have been able to make this wonderful match for one of our Lovebugs and so proud that this loving, twice abandoned dog now has the opportunity to touch the lives of many.

Max formerly Monty Max formerly Monty7 Max formerly Monty4

Please Think Before You Give That Gift!

Pets As Presents!


Movies and TV have given people the idea that adorable puppies make heartwarming holiday gifts. In reality it can often end in the heart-wrenching realization that this living, breathing "gift", is not a good fit for the family and they are now faced with the dilemma of how to get rid of their new pet.  All too often we find these “gifts” discarded at overcrowded shelters where they run the risk of being euthanized.

During the holidays, many people capitalize on the flow of emotions and spur of the moment decisions.  This is when the pet stores are full of popular breeds straight from their puppy mill suppliers. Backyard breeders are also in high gear at this time of year. You need only look in the classified ads to see the flood of people trying to turn the family pet into a Christmas money maker.

Bringing a dog into your home should be a family decision and not a surprise gift. Everyone, including the children, should educate themselves on different types of dogs and decide what breed or mixed breed would best fit into their lifestyle. It is also important to remember that an adult in the household will ultimately be responsible for the dog, not the children. The adult must be willing to accept this responsibility and be willing to care for the dog for the next 15 or so years, which may be long after the children lose interest or leave the nest.

Instead of buying that cute little puppy as a gift, we suggest giving books on pet selection, training, care, health, diet, and individual breeds. Pet care supplies and subscriptions to pet magazines and newsletters are also good choices.  These presents are wonderful ways to introduce the joys of pet ownership and will help when deciding what type of dog is right for your home.  It's a decision that everyone in the household should make together when they are truly ready to commit to a new lifetime companion. This will benefit everyone - the gift giver, the family and the deserving animal.

Once you have decided to make the commitment and add a furry family member to your home, we believe that choosing to adopt from a reputable rescue is one of the best ways to find a dog that is a great match for your family.  Most of the time the dogs have lived with foster families who get to know each of the dogs very well.  Knowing the dog’s personality, temperament, good and bad habits, likes and dislikes, etc, will go a long way to help ensure a great match is made for everyone.

We hope that when you hear someone say that they plan to give a pet as a gift, you take the opportunity to educate them. Animals cannot speak for themselves, but you can be their voice and convey the message that pets aren't disposable; they need love and commitment their whole lives and choosing a new pet should be something everyone in the family enjoys together.

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