Happy Tails

2015 Happy Tails

Below are some of our lovebugs that have been adopted into forever homes. We personally follow up on each of our animals that are adopted from our rescue. We want to thank all our adopters for choosing to rescue!


Burberry has joined his new family!

Nash is now living in Laguna Beach with his "not so little" furry companion! They were BFF's within minutes of meeting one another.

Cupcake has joined her new family with a twin canine sister!

Ricardo has been adopted and will be joining his forever home!

Layla has joined her new home.

Bernadette has joined a very special home to call her own this Valentines day.

Jack Sparrow is now living in Carlsbad with his new mom, dad and a 70 lb English Bulldog, soon to be his BFF.

Big McIntosh has left the land of My Little Pony and joined his new family.

Dragon Spike has joined his new family!

Montclair has joined his new family!

Rainbow Dash has joined her new family.

Rarity has joined her new family.

Fluttershy has joined her new family!

Twillight Sparkle joins another Lovebug in her forever home.

Flirt is now living in Foothill Ranch with her new family!

Courtship has joined his new family and another pooch in Los Angeles.

February, now named Rosie, is living in Turtle Rock with her new family.

Cupid is living in Newport Beach with his new mommy and daddy!

Valentine, now named Asha, has joined her new family, and another pooch.

Sally has joined her new home with a mommy who loves her dearly. Shelter days no more for this sweet gal.

Diego has joined his new home with some other tiny pooches to pal around with.

Posh has found her forever home, and has another pampered pooch to pal around with.

Heaven has chosen her forever home, with her sister Angel.

Angel has chosen her forever home, with her sister Heaven.

Cookie has found her forever home!

After being abandoned at her vets office with an undiagnosed condition, Lola was turned over to Lovebugs Rescue, who was able to work with their vets to get a firm diagnose and treatment plan for little Lola. She now has a home dedicated to her medical care moving forward and a family who loves her very much!

Pinky Pie has wrapped up mommy duties and has joined her new family!

Josephine is living in Laguna Niguel with her new family.

Molly has recovered from her de-gloved paw after being hit by a car. She will be living the rest of her days being smothered in love by her new family!

How handsome Lenny ended up in the shelter is beyond us. He is now in his new home with a family to call his very own.

Snow has joined her forever family!

Sonny has joined his forever family!

From living on the streets in down town Santa Ana, Caroline has upgraded her accommodations and now has a forever home to call her own!

Harrison, now named Raffy, was turned into the Orange Shelter at 12 years old weighing only 2 lbs! This tiny tot was whisked into the arms of his foster, now forever home and he has been living like a Prince ever since. Being hand fed on a regular basis, Raffy now weighs a healthy 3.9 lbs.

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