The Facts about Parvo

6 Must Haves For Your New Puppy

  Bringing a new puppy home is fun and exciting but if you want a well behaved puppy that doesn’t pee on your rug, chew your shoes and bark all night, you need to have these 6 must have's on hand. Neglecting to plan ahead can create bad habits that take a long time to [...]

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Warning: Coyotes can injure or kill your pets

  It’s August in Southern California and that means pet owners have something very dangerous to watch out for, COYOTES. Coyotes rear their pups in the Spring, and by July coyote pups are hungry and on the move. Why does this matter to you? Coyotes are very capable of killing dogs and cats. In fact, [...]

Lovebugs Rescue 5 Year Anniversary Celebration

We could not think of a better way to acknowledge the lives we have saved, our dedicated volunteers, and all families we have helped complete along the way than with a big bash to celebrate, and boy did we ever! Over 200 people came out to whoop it up and help raise funds to continue [...]

LovebugsRescue Featured Pet: Tiffi

Breed: PoodleGender: FemaleAge Est: 5 1/2 yearsWeight: 12 lbs Fun-loving, fluffy gal, seeks a home for the holidays. You could never tell by looking at her sweet face, but Tiffi, is suffering from a broken heart. Not only did Tiffi lose her home when her owner passed away, but she also has a heart defect [...]

Dapper Dog Social Broadcast on KTLA Featuring Lovebugs Rescue

Visitors to the house

CONTRIBUTED BY: ALL ABOUT TRAINING DOGS The food has been prepared, the decorations have been hung and your Christmas dress is ready, but is there something you’re missing? Forgetting to teach Fido his party manners can turn any well behaved dog into a jumping, food stealing barking monster. So how do you fit dog training [...]

Happy New Year!

Cheers To Saving More Lovebugs in 2012! With the arrival of a new year inevitably comes a variety of new year's resolutions.   Many people vow to be more organized, eat healthier, keep in touch with family better, and so on.   How about becoming a foster parent for a shelter dog in need? Our rescue would [...]

January 2012 Happy Tail: “Olivia” – From Emergency Room To Miracle Recovery

Found matted on deaths door in an overcrowded kennel. On a trip to Riverside Shelter we found sweet Olivia getting trampled in an over crowded kennel.  Olivia was skin and bones, hiding in the corner of the kennel completely shut down. We took one look at Olivia and we decided right then and there to [...]

December 2011 Happy Tail: “Greta” – A Senior Pup Finds A Fabulous Home

Who says you can't teach an old dog new tricks. To see Greta, aka, Coco today in her fabulous Newport Beach Townhome, one would never suspect that this sweet senior Chihuahua ever had it rough.  Coco was turned into the Baldwin Park animal shelter after being found wandering around an apartment complex. She must have [...]

Reader Rescue Story: Kota the Lovebug

Article from This week’s story is about Kota, a Wheaten Terrier-Border Collie mix. Kota had no idea he was about to bring joy to a heartbroken man and help a couple to become stronger in their love, but that’s exactly what he did. We hope you enjoy reading his story as much as we [...]

February 2012 Happy Tail: “Razzleberry”, now named “Coco!”

Abused Backyard Breeding Dog Finds Loving Family In Lap Of Luxury! After starting her life as an abused breeding dog and then dumped at the Riverside shelter with multiple medical issues, we are pleased to announce that Razzy has chosen her forever family! Our little Razzy, now named Coco, has traded her dingy shelter digs [...]

March 2012 Happy Tail: “Amber,” now named “Tipitina!”

Deaf Austrailian Cattle Dog Finds Perfect Family With The Help Of Lovebugs & Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue Amber was rescued out of Riverside County Shelter with her mom Jewel and two siblings. This family was covered in hundreds of stick fleas, and each flea had to be plucked off by our vet.  Soon the family [...]

April 2012 Happy Tail: “Ireland,” now named “Emily!”

Neglected Momma Finds Love In Lovely Nellie Gail! This once badly neglected and discarded mom has chosen her new forever mommy and daddy and is living it up as a pampered princess in Nellie Gale Ranch. Ireland, now named Emily Dickenson, is enjoying her new family and loves to play and take walks with her [...]


We Need Your Help To Rescue 100 Lovebugs This Year! 2012 ADOPTION GOAL UPDATE Lovebugs Rescue is fortunate enough to have an amazing group of volunteers. These wonderful people all bring something different to our goal of guiding as many dogs as possible on their journey to their forever homes. We have volunteers that are [...]

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Summer's Over… BACK TO SCHOOL! You think you are bummed… think about how Fido feels. Dogs Separation Anxiety - Common Symptoms and Treatment One of the greatest joys of dog ownership is the tight bond we experience and encourage with our dogs. However, if your dog becomes too reliant or dependent on you, dog separation [...]

Meet Magical Merlin Now Marly!

Abandoned 5lb Chihuahua Suffers Severe Chemical Burns! November 2012 - Merlin (blue chi) now named Marly has gone home with a new loving family and has a new furry sister named Baby! Sept 2012 - Magical Merlin was dropped off at the Orange County Animal shelter as a stray with no owner in sight. Merlin [...]

Special Needs Rescue: Suffers Foot Deformity

Little Lola In Need Of 2 Orthopedic Surgeries Miss Lola was on the way to the shelter, along with her brother, when we happen to be at the right place at the right time. We wisked brother and sister away to the safety of one of our foster homes. Shortly after getting the two settled, [...]

Inspiring Rescues:

Riverbed Rescued Mama "Hope" & her Pups This family was dumped the other night in a riverbed left to die. Thankfully, one of our previous adopters found the mom running along the trail. We asked them to take her back to where they found her to see if she would lead them to her pups. [...]

FALL in Love With A Lovebugs Rescue!

Order Our Lovebugs 2013 Calendar For just $1/month and get one for yourself and everyone you love... it will be a great stocking stuffer or small gift to give during the holidays.  This sweet mini calendar is 5.5" X 8.5" and features a few of our over 400 rescues thus far. > Click to get [...]

Please Think Before You Give That Gift!

Pets As Presents!            Movies and TV have given people the idea that adorable puppies make heartwarming holiday gifts. In reality it can often end in the heart-wrenching realization that this living, breathing "gift", is not a good fit for the family and they are now faced with the dilemma of [...]

Happy Tail! Monte Becomes A Certified Therapy Dog.

From OC to Nevada, Monte Gives Back! When we met Monte at the Orange County shelter, we knew this adorable boy was special but we had no idea just how special he was.  Monte had been turned into the shelter and adopted only to be returned two weeks later by a family that was not [...]

Our Wishes For The New Year…

Funding For Our Medical Needs Rescues, Loving Homes For Our Rehabilitated Rescues & Awareness In Our Community Of The Imminent Need!   Last Chance To Buy Our Lovebugs 2013 Calendar For just $1/month and get one for yourself and everyone you love... it will be a great stocking stuffer or small gift to give during [...]

CAUTION: Poisonous For Your Pup!

pet-medicationMotrin, Advil and other human medications account for the vast majority of companion animal poisoning cases each year.  Other substances that are poisonous to dogs are obvious things most people have heard of like antifreeze and chocolate but there are many things that can make your dog sick that just might surprise you. Remember a dog is very much like a toddler and is quite likely to put anything that looks appealing or appetizing into their mouth.  Below is a list of items potentially dangerous to the health of your Lovebug that you may not be aware of.

Happy Tail: Max & Doug

 We received a call from a family who desperately needed to surrender their Maxht3Aussie/Boarder Collie mix. We did the typical run down of asking for some basic information and photos of the dog.  One look at his mugshot and we said "yes, we will take him in!" About a week after taking Max into our rescue, we realized good looks and good manners did not go hand in hand. While Max was responsive to basic obedience commands and proved to be smarter than the average dog, Max began to show signs of being “off”. Max began to lunge at people and other dogs for no known reason. His behavior was so unpredictable, that we were not sure what his trigger points were. We quickly enrolled Max into a board and train program experienced with Aussies where they confirmed this behavior.

Donate To Spring Us Towards Our Goal Of Saving 200 Dogs This Year!

Annual-needAverage routine medical costs for 200 dogs in 1 year:

• Microchips: $1,300
• Grooming: $1,500
• Vaccine/Deworming Litters: $2,100
• Board & Training: $2,600
• Shelter Pull Fees: $3,200
• Spay/Neuter: $11,000


In 2012, Lovebugs Rescue put $46,000 towards our rescues major medical surgeries, treatments, & care.  This does not include routine medical, care, microchips, worming, vaccines, grooming, etc.  We are 100% volunteer based Non-Profit 501c3 Rescue.  We need your support to be able to continue on our mission.

Happy Tail: Luna – Lovebugs Largest Rescue To Date

CocoHTOur not so little Lovebug Luna found herself discarded at a high kill shelter by her former owners when they decided to move but not take the "house" with them. Weighing in at 140 lbs, Luna is our biggest lovebug yet! Luna is an Old English Sheepdog and had been terribly neglected by her former family. We gave Luna a much needed grooming, began treatment on both eye and ear infections, and started her on a healthy diet along with some small walks to start shedding the extra 40 lbs of weight she has been carrying around. It wasn't long before Luna's family to be saw her on our facebook page and fell head over heels. Luna's family had recently lost their beloved New Foundland and was ready to open their hearts and home to another furry giant. We couldn't have asked for a better match for Luna. Her family reports that she has melted their hearts!

Join Lovebugs In The Race For The Rescues OC!

Sunday, November 10, 2013 at The Great Park - 7 am - 12 pm Join Team Lovebugs Rescue! Register for the 1K Dog Walk, 1K Kids Run, 5K, 10K or Couch Potato Race, select Lovebugs Rescue as your team & then create your very own personal fundraising page to help us meet our goal of [...]

See Lovebugs On K-9 Corner All Month!

Featuring Our July Lovebug Rescues A huge thank you to Megan Medick with K-9 Corner for having us as their featured July rescue group! We had so much fun sharing our loveable Lovebugs on camera, and we even got a few of our foster mom's to go on camera! Watch Our Clip Above NOW To [...]

Lovebugs On Good Day LA LA

Halloween Hopefuls All Dressed Up & Ready For New Homes

Over $18,000 Raised For Lovebugs At The Race For The Rescues OC!

Team Lovebugs Rescue raised $18,161 and reached 73% of their goal of $25,000 for the OC Race for the Rescues. We were the NUMBER ONE team in the Orange County race! We are so appreciative of all our hard working volunteers who participated in this event and raised money for our cause. Thank you!!!

Sunday, November 10, 2013

at The Great Park - 7 am - 12 pm

GO Team Lovebugs Rescue!

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Photo Fund Raising and Adoption Event

Say Cheese!!! Pet Photo Shoot to Benefit Lovebugs Rescue. Join us on January 25, 2014 for a fun filled pet photo shoot with Paw Print Foto! Please call Mayra with Pooch Sitter at 714-310-2050 or email for a reservation. We will also have Lovebugs available for adoption.

Holiday Travel Tips


The holidays are one of the peak seasons for travel, and with a little planning; it can be the perfect time to take your furry family member with you. Whether you are off on a ski vacation, visiting family or perhaps enjoying a coastal road trip during the holidays, having your best friend along can make the trip more fun and enjoyable.

Here are some holiday travel tips for you and your pooch -


Tis’ the Season for Giving

We can't do the work that we do without the generosity of our supporters. Together, we can make a difference. 

Cash For Cupid Fund Drive

Will you be our Valentine? During the month of February, show your love by joining our Cash for Cupid fund drive to benefit Lovebugs Rescue. To join, simply  drop in a dollar (or more)  in an envelope, or, write a check, and mail to: Lovebugs Rescue PO Box 953,  Corona Del Mar, CA 92625 No Stamps? [...]

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Fall for a Lovebug!

 This season, fall for one of our many Lovebugs available for adoption. 

Tis the season for giving

12 Dog Training Mistakes Owners Make – Part 1

CONTRIBUTED BY: ALL ABOUT TRAINING DOGS 12 Dog Training Mistakes Owners Make – Part 1 1. Keeping your new puppy indoors until they have had all of their shots. Early positive exposures (socialization) between the ages of 8 – 12 weeks is what the American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior, a large group of veterinarians, [...]

RECAP-Free Spay and Neuter Clinics a Success!

As part of giving back to the community, Lovebugs Rescue partnered with Lucy Pet Foundation and OC Animal Care to provide FREE spay and neuter clinics to 54 Orange County resident's pets. These clinics were 100% paid for by Lovebugs Rescue. Each registered animal became part of the pet overpopulation solution, which means less unplanned [...]


We pulled Quincy off the euthanasia list last week from the shelter. This darling boy was diagnosed with a significant heart murmur (5 out of 6 per the shelter notes). We took him to the cardiologist for a more detailed work up and it turns out that Quincy has a birth defect called Patent Ductus [...]

MAX: A Story of Hope

COMPANY SPOTLIGHT: ALL ABOUT TRAINING DOGS Max started his life as a very young Lovebugs puppy. At around 8 weeks old his new family found him and took him home to live happily every after. Max was so happy when he found out that he had four humans (mom, dad and two kids) and another [...]

Is your microchip registered?

If you have adopted a Lovebug, please make sure your microchip is registered and up to date. The first step is to have your dogs microchipped scanned by your vet. Verify that the chip number scanned matches the chip number on the adoption paperwork in your adoption folder. Lovebugs Rescue registers ALL AVID microchips for [...]

Hello Spring

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5 Year Anniversary Celebration

For information about booking a 20 minute “Ask the Trainer” session, please click here to download. If you’re unable to attend but would like to donate, please click here.   Sponsored By:     Jody and Jens Hudson Shirley Jandron Tracy and Troy Muller Selly and Jeff Straight Tammy and Bill Walsworth Woof Lauren     

How to help your rescue dog settle in

Home introduction Step 1 When you arrive home, take your dog out for a walk or let him explore your enclosed backyard. Walks in the neighborhood should only be done when the dog has been fitted with a secure harness. Since this is his first time in his new neighborhood go slow and let him [...]