We Need Your Help To Rescue 100 Lovebugs This Year!

adoptalovebuglovebugsheaderheart 2012 ADOPTION GOAL UPDATE

Lovebugs Rescue is fortunate enough to have an amazing group of volunteers. These wonderful people all bring something different to our goal of guiding as many dogs as possible on their journey to their forever homes. We have volunteers that are great at caretaking, marketing, transporting, organizing, etc. Thanks to their tireless efforts, from January 1 to mid April 2012, 57 Lovebugs and counting are now part of loving new families and since our inception in fall of 2010, over 340 Lovebugs have found wonderful homes to call their own. Click to see all our happy tails. There are many ways you can help us in our mission to find great homes for our dogs. Spread the word about the wonderful work we do, volunteer or better yet, become a foster. The Lovebugs will all be glad you did!

lovebugsheaderheart Tilly’s Firstgiving Fundraiser: Tilly Beats Parvo!

tilly We rescued 3 month old Tilly out of Carson animal shelter, where she was turned in without a mommy or daddy. Sadly, Tilly became very sick in the shelter and tested positive for Parvo which put her on the euthanasia list. We rushed over to the shelter immediately. Tilly was taken to our emergency vet right away. For the next 3 days, Tilly received round the clock fluids and IV meds. She had 24hr supervision and by day 4 was finally ready to go into isolation in her foster home. Tilly beat the odds and is now living in her forever home with another cattle dog. With your support, we can help another dog such as Tilly who is in need. We are setting our fundraising goal to $1,500, which is the amount we spent on Tilly for her emergency care. To donate towards Tilly’s medical bills – Visit Her Firstgiving Page

lovebugsheaderheart Pogo’s Firstgiving Fundraiser: Please Donate In Memorial Of Pogo!

tilly Our sweet, little Pogo sadly passed away after having a seizure in her foster home, which followed a two-day stay at our emergency vet. Pogo was diagnosed with inflammatory brain disease, likely caused by a brain tumor. While we were not able to save Pogo, there are many others like her that we can save. If you would like to donate in memory of Pogo, your funds will go towards another dog with special medical needs. Our fundraising goal is $1,300, which is the amount we spent on Pogo’s medical care. To donate towards Pogo’s medical bills – Visit Her Firstgiving Page

lovebugsheaderheart April 2012 Happy Tail:“Ireland” Update, now named “Emily!”
Neglected Momma Finds Love In Lovely Nellie Gail! Click To Read Ireland’s Story.

lovebugsheaderheart March 2012 Happy Tail: “Amber” Update, now named “Tipitina!”
Deaf Austrailian Cattle Dog Finds Perfect Family With The Help Of Lovebugs & Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue Click To Read Amber’s Story.

lovebugsheaderheart February 2012 Happy Tail: “Razzleberry” Update, now named “Coco!”
Abused Backyard Breeding Dog Finds Loving Family In Lap Of Luxury! Click To Read Razzleberry’s Story.

lovebugsheaderheart In Remembrance Of Those That Have Touched Our Hearts & Crossed The Rainbow Bridge While In Our Care.

It is hard to lose a loved one, no less easy when we fall in love with EVERY Lovebug we help. Despite our greatest efforts we pay our respects to 3 dear ones that have moved on.
oliviacharlieCharlie, Pogo and Olivia touched so many people’s lives. From the volunteers who stayed by their side, to the vets who gave them the best medical care possible. Sometimes, it is just not meant to be. We are thankful that we were able to make a difference in these special lives, and they will never be far from our hearts as we continue to save more lives. Donate NOW to help us save the lives of at risk dogs before it is too late.