Summer 2014


What an incredible day in rescue, one that brought tears to many of our volunteers eyes after a long, hot, exhausting day. On June 7th, 2014, Lovebugs Rescue was contacted by a business owner about a dog that they had seen on their work property in Santa Ana for the last 18 months. Yes, you read that correctly - 18 months. This dog has been living along the riverbed it's entire life, going from business to business. The dog was so fearful, they were never able to catch her, but everyone knew her. They noticed the dog gave birth to 6 puppies on their property. When the mom wasn't coming around one day to tend to her pups, they brought them in and started supplement feeding.

Immediately the business owner started contacting rescues and we answered the call right away. The next day a trap was set and we were on our way. The first trap set was broken. She took the bait, but we didn't have luck in catching her. A team of volunteers started at 10:30 am the next day and scoured the area by foot and car. Talking to everyone, other local business owners, workers, even the homeless that lived in the riverbed. We put up signs in the area. All the sudden a sighting of a white matted dog running in the neighborhood nearby took us on a 2 hour chase through traffic and multiple garage sales in Santa Ana, only to chase down 2 white dogs at different points in the neighborhood that were not her and we were unable to catch. Exhausted and feeling defeated, we retreated back to our starting point. As we walked around the corner, we could not believe our eyes that were stinging from the hot sun. There she was sitting in our trap! Once we got her to a safe foster home, we were able to bring her puppies to her that evening. She cried with joy when she saw her babies, that she had been separated from for several days now. She took them in right away and allowed them to nurse and be close to her. This mama, now named Ana, went from living in fear on the streets, to being in a foster home with people, other dogs, warmth and meals she can count on, all because Lovebugs Rescue was able to help her. We couldn’t do this without our amazing volunteers and foster homes!

A few days later, our Santa Ana stray, now named Ana, finally got the spa day she needed. Surprisingly, not 1 flea or tick on her, but a sea of painful foxtails everywhere which she had later removed at the vet, including one stuck in her eye. She also had to be sedated to remove 3 foxtails that were lodged deep into her ear canal.

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