From OC to Nevada, Monte Gives Back!

Max formerly Monty3When we met Monte at the Orange County shelter, we knew this adorable boy was special but we had no idea just how special he was.  Monte had been turned into the shelter and adopted only to be returned two weeks later by a family that was not willing to make the lifelong commitment that every dog needs.  Lovebugs Rescue was ready to step up and make the commitment so that Monte would never have to worry about being homeless again.
Monte easily settled into the new routine in his foster home and flourished under the care of his loving foster parents.  It was quickly clear to everyone Monte met, that he was a smart and wonderful dog who was going to be a great companion to someone very special.  Little did we know that Monte was soon to embark on an amazing journey.

One day we got an application from Dr. Nancy McNaul who was interested in adopting Monte.  Dr. McNaul happened to be a therapist who helped patients working to overcome many different types of traumatic experiences and she was looking for a very special dog to help her in this important endeavor.  Of course it was impossible to tell for sure but Monte’s foster parents had a feeling that with some specialized training, he just might be a good fit.  Dr. McNaul must have had a good feeling as well and she quickly made plans to drive all the way from Reno, Nevada to Orange County to meet our man Monte.

When the day finally came for Monte and his potential new parent to meet, it was love at first sight!  Dr. McNaul was sure that Monte was the perfect candidate for the training it would take to do such important work and Monty and his new mommy happily drove off to begin their new lives together.

Fast forward several months and Monte, now named Max has completed his training and is now an official Therapy Dog!  Max goes to work with his mommy everyday and seems to know exactly what each patient needs from him and gladly obliges.  We have also learned that Max has unbelievable empathy with distressed children and is a wonderful help to them.

We are so happy to have been able to make this wonderful match for one of our Lovebugs and so proud that this loving, twice abandoned dog now has the opportunity to touch the lives of many.

Max formerly Monty Max formerly Monty7 Max formerly Monty4