Deaf Austrailian Cattle Dog Finds Perfect Family With The Help Of Lovebugs & Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue

amberAmber was rescued out of Riverside County Shelter with her mom Jewel and two siblings. This family was covered in hundreds of stick fleas, and each flea had to be plucked off by our vet.  Soon the family was bathed and ready for adoption!

We noticed immediately that Amber was the highest energy puppy in the group, but just thought that was her silly personality.  Within a matter of time, we also noticed that Amber would many times be sleeping in her pen, while the others were playing around her. At first, we thought she was sick. But in fact we soon learned that Amber was deaf. Having never trained a deaf dog before, we scheduled an in home private training session with Amber to learn some basic sign skills. To our surprise, she picked up the signs within minutes!

We also learned that Amber has a very strong toy drive. Because Amber is an Australian Cattle Dog mix, we asked for the help of Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue, who has extensive experience in handling deaf and blind ACD breeds. Amber was transferred from a 1,500 sq. foot foster home in Southern California to a large ranch property in Flagstaff, Arizona with wide-open land and hiking trails that go for days. Lorina, the founder, personally took Amber under her care and continued her training on a more advanced level.  We followed Amber’s journey with Arizona Cattle Dog Rescue and enjoyed seeing her photos with other ACD’s, our favorite being one of her cuddled up to a lethal white.

amberdeaftrainAmber made friends quickly and touched the hearts of many until one day, her new “mommy-to-be” laid eyes on her at an adoption event. The rest is history and Amber, now named Tipitina joins a family of ACD’s and furry friends on yet another wide open property the Hudson Valley of New York.  She even has a “twin” named Squirt, who is also deaf!

Tipitina’s mom is a part of the Purina Pet Pro Team and is has done extensive Frisbee training and performing with various dogs on a competitive level.  Tipitina has already begun to learn what a “frisbee” is and we can’t wait to see some videos of her performing in the near future! From California to Arizona to New York, our little deaf cattle pup has traveled a long way to find her forever home. We are incredibly thankful to Lorina, founder of Arizona Cattle Dog rescue for helping us find the right home for this very special dog.

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