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For just $1/month and get one for yourself and everyone you love… it will be a great stocking stuffer or small gift to give during the holidays.  This sweet mini calendar is 5.5″ X 8.5″ and features a few of our over 400 rescues thus far.

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lovebugsheaderheart Read Our Blog About The Symptoms & Treatment Of K9 Separation Anxiety


lolaandhermomlovebugsheaderheart Help Lovebugs Fix Lola’s Hind Feet…

Shortly after the rescue of her & her brother, we noticed that Lola had a deformity in each of her paws – similar to club foot. After extensive xrays and consultations with 3 orthepedic specialists, we finally came across one that could help Lola. Dr. Kenneth Bruecker with VMSG in SJC performed the first of two surgeries on Lola. The first surgery was a success and Lola now has a natural extension to her front two paws. When Lola is a little older, she will get the second surgery to correct the back paws, which are worse then the front.

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merlinfoster lovebugsheaderheart Tiny, 5lb, Blue Chihuahua Survives The Threat Of Chemical Burns & Shelter Overpopulation.

Magical Merlin was dropped off at the Orange County Animal shelter as a stray with no owner in sight. Merlin had terrible burns covering the entire surface of his head, down his neck and on some parts of his body. This little guy weighing only 5 lbs was no match for this type of abuse, but he is a miraculous survivor and is now recovering with us. The photos show the painful healing process Merlin has undergone so far. Despite being treated this way, Merlin is a very happy, playful young dog with a lot of love to give.
Merlin will be ready for his forever family by the end of next week.
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lovebugsheaderheart Momma Dog Leads Lovebugs Rescuers to 5 Newborn Pups In A Lying In A Riverbed.

This family was dumped the other night in a riverbed left to die. Thankfully, one of our previous adopters found the mom running along the trail. We asked them to take her back to where they found her to see if she would lead them to her pups. They did and sure enough, mom led them to 5 tiny tots just days old tucked into some bushes in the riverbed. They are now safe and sound with Lovebugs Rescue. A huge thanks to Jessica Caravella for being the guardian angel this family needed ♥.

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